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SmartPractice Step-by-step Setup


Our app is designed to help you keep track of time, book time and disbursements on the go. It works in conjunction with our Time and Billing module and cannot be used as a standalone app without an active SmartPractice account.

We found that there are a lot of practices out there, not using any time logging systems as they either have fixed charges or simply haven't find the right system that can work for them. We also found that time keeping is an integral, critical part of any accounting practice. With this module and the SmartApp, we created a time keeping system for accountants by accountants! (Yes, we are right there in the middle of the fight with you, we are also accountants in practice. We find that this is the only way to know exactly what is needed.) Specific needs for a specific industry.

The SmartApp is thus yet another way to make your life easier. Always logged in, easy to use, always available (even if your computer is safely tucked away) with instant integration to the main system.

The SmartPractice SmartApp is currently only available on the Google Play Store for Android users.