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About us

SmartPractice (Pty) Ltd is the developer and provider of revolutionary practice management and document software that is quickly establishing itself in the marketplace. We are constantly adding accounting and auditing practices to our client list, all of whom are reaping the benefits of better control over their workflow and vastly improved communication to their clients.

Growing demands from SARS, clients and the industry itself forced us to THINK SMARTER, getting BETTER control over multiple databases while opening up communication channels to clients, LIMITING RISK! So yes, we are still Accountants in practice! And it will stay that way so that we can experience the difficulties ourselves to be able to create solutions that make sense.

Accurate data is the most precious and costly commodity in our industry, more so in the legislative compliance environment. In an industry with probably the biggest responsibility of legislative compliance, why do we as an industry have such an inadequate supply of user friendly software? Why do we not invest in software that gives us the management tools to ensure compliance, whilst vastly improving our customer experience and profitability?

Our grasp of managing a diverse client base in the accounting and auditing environment, uniquely positions SmartPractice to meet the needs of you as a client, your employees and your clients.

Our Leadership

Our services can only be as good as our people. That's why we invest in the development of all our staff, at all levels.

We have a host of expertise from accounting and software development to product experts. This benefits our clients as they can have easy and regular access to executive directors (who are also the founders of the visionary product), senior staff and their teams, plus the peace of mind that there is a depth of knowledge in key areas, should they need it.

SmartPractice people

Arend De Waal

SmartPractice people

Casper De Waal

SmartPractice people

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