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Frequently Asked Questions

All modules are part of the monthly fee, excluding SecSmart and DreamTax (which runs as a separate system). Extra storage, SMSs and Custom Development Request also have an extra cost.
Our pricing structure is based on the number of clients that are enabled, and not the number of users. The fee is calculated on a sliding scale. SecSmart, our secretarial module, is a separate charge on the same basis as the other modules, per client. There are also extra fees for installation. Contact Us. for more information.
Yes, users can be added at any time. Set them up with billing rates and restrict their capabilities by assigning user levels. SmartPractice is not billed on a number of users like most other practice management software suites. We bill per activated practice client. Thus, accommodating smaller practices and allowing growth.
Yes, this can be done at any time, however alterations are limited to partners and supervisors.
SmartPractice is a management tool for Accountants, by Accountants. We are also accountants and as such, we developed this software with a unique knowledge of what is needed and a dedicated focus to address the challenges faced by practitioners.
Yes, clients can be deactivated/deleted once inactive. They can also be reinstated at a later stage. It is recommended that clients are not removed without valid reason as this will impact your reporting and subsequently the efficiency of your office.
Yes, this is an amazing feature, due to the integration with various software suites you can either invoice directly or import a batch file for processing.
Yes, there are various ways in which to update in bulk. This relates to ID numbers, Tax numbers, Email addresses, AFS due dates, Tax clearance month, CIPC months and various others.
You save time in typing up emails, you can control the quality of grammar and spelling as well as ensure concise and clear instructions to your clients, regardless of the level of the employee responsible for the communication. As an added bonus, your client can never claim that they did not receive your correspondence as a detailed log is kept and is easily accessible.
Of course, simply click on DocShareSmart – Related Actions – Client Reissue Logins.
Yes, once on the dashboard you can click on the add/remove icon and decide what is important for you to have quick access to.
Yes, ClientSmart offers bulk communication via SMS or Email. You can also communicate per industry category, entity type or service category.
As SmartPractice is a fully integrated system, your reporting is dependent on your effective use of most modules. If it is not uploaded onto the portal it is simply not done. This is also a fantastic way to ensure compliance to SARS' requirements for recommended or statutory document retention periods. It also has the added convenience of allowing your client access to their own documentation without constantly calling you.
Yes, during setup or later on, this can be amended- it is however recommended that these features are turned on to ensure you harness the full power of the system.
So, you have prepared and submitted loads of IRP6’s, use this tool to send a bulk invoice so you needn’t waste time in sending invoices one by one. Increased efficiency and reduced hours.
You can leave general notes on a client portfolio for all staff to view or send a note to a specific user, these notes will be kept on the system and can only be deleted by individuals designated as partners in the user setup.