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SmartPractice Step-by-step Setup


Company Secretarial management

This module is an easy to use cloud-based Company Secretarial System. You can keep all company records up to date. It allows all authorised stakeholders to view the company status, anytime, anywhere through an access controlled online portal. It has all the functionality you will need in a secretarial system, from issuing Share Certificates, transfers, allotments to buy backs. You will be able to track all activity and all information pertaining to the share register and report on it when and where needed.

If you do not currently keep company records for your clients, why not use this system to create an extra income stream and keep your clients compliant.

Trust Administration Management

Included in this module is a cloud-based Trust Administration Manager covering Bewind, Curatorship and Administrative Assistance trusts; you can now keep all beneficiary and trustee details readily available and up to date. In the case where a vested right needs to be recorded, this module can generate the needed certificates.

Fully integrated with our Meeting Module, all decisions will be recorded to ensure compliance.

Increase your revenue by making use of this system and keep your existing clients compliant.

Meetings module

You can now manage all company meetings with this easy to use module, select a time and date and all invitees will automatically be notified of the particulars via an SMS and/or Email.

After resolutions have been documented and uploaded to SecSmart, a unique one time password will be sent to authorise minutes electronically and simultaneously close the meeting.