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Time is Money! That’s why with TimeSmart, there are no more billable hours lost. You can say goodbye to lost revenue, incomplete time records and underutilised staff.

Recording Time

Capturing accurate time spent on projects and ad-hoc items is critical for accurate and timely billing of clients, and important to making informed strategic decisions. SmartPractice has a conventional project timer as well as an Incidental timer. The project timer can be linked to a specific project for a client and the incidental timer is primarily used for all those "Just a quick question” situations you face daily.


Within this tool, you can create projects and budgets and allocate staff. Time management systems should not only capture but also track progress so project managers can gauge the overall effect that actual time has on their initiatives. A unique function is the ability to "create multiple client projects", this enables you to set up a project with multiple clients that share a common task.


We are proud to be able to invoice, review and approve hours directly from TimeSmart and it will automatically update your Sage One or Xero software. We can also accommodate Pastel Partner ,Xpress and QuickBooks clients through invoicing in SmartPractice and then creating a batch that can easily be imported.


Our app is designed to help you keep track of time, book time and disbursements on the go. It works in conjunction with our Time and Billing module and cannot be used as a standalone app without an active SmartPractice account. With this module and the SmartApp, we created an on-the-go time-keeping system for accountants. Get the SmartPractice SmartApp on android via the Google Play Store and for IOS via the Apple App Store


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