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A business tool to efficiently collect outstanding debtors and enhance recovery of doubtful debt with an added SMS interaction function.


Give seriousness to payment arrangements by using the agreement feature from DebtorSmart. The system sends an auto reminder where a promised payment should take place.


People respond positively when they receive a friendly reminder of outstanding fees. DebtorSmart sends such a message to customers via an SMS. The system synchronizes with an accounting system (where applicable) and therefore uses updated balances


Communication is critical. The note facility, list of debtors for special attention, credit limits and agreements that were not honoured, order the debtor administrator's task and pave the way to a healthy cash flow.


DebtorSmart syncs with the age analysis of the practice’s accounting system. Currently, the system facilitates a direct link with Sage Business, Xero and Sage Pastel Partner.


Present reports that indicate the different types of communication that were done within the debtor administrations office. E.g. Number of agreements, SMS’s sent, notes completed.

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